Business Complexity Assessment

Changing industry dynamics are leading investment management firms to adjust their structure in response to lower expected returns and fee levels, pressure to take costs previously borne by clients, regulatory changes to the way funds may be sold, and competition from new low cost entrants.

Many firms respond to these challenges by diversifying their investment products to attract a wider range of global clients to increase revenues or assets under management. However, this diversification frequently creates a more complex business model that is often difficult to support operationally, will not scale, and can lead to one cornerstone investment product subsidising a range of other offerings that are not economically feasible.

Using the Investit Business Complexity Assessment, you can clarify the sources of your unprofitable business complexity. Our models reveal why your firm may be struggling to keep profit levels high and identify how you can change the existing business structure to increase your profitability. Combining our blend of benchmarks, targets, and detailed market analysis our insights will guide your firm in making informed decisions when adjusting your business strategy.

The Investit Business Complexity Assessment models provide insight for a broad range of business structures including:

  1. Specialist boutiques who seek to preserve high profit margins;
  2. UK-centric investment firms who are exploring the benefits and costs of expanding globally;
  3. Investment firms who are owned by life companies or banks and who have ambitions to expand the amount of third-party money they manage;
  4. Global investment firms who have a wide range of products and clients but are finding more nimble specialist competition in each of their target markets.

Our Track Record

  • There is no other benchmark that can provide the breadth, depth or validated accuracy of insight that the Investit Business Complexity Assessment provides.
  • Since 2002, we have provided business benchmarking and identified realignment opportunities for over £120M in annual spend.
  • We have helped 74 investment management firms discover opportunities to be more successful in aligning their business structures to meet today’s current business environment.