Operating Platform Benchmark

Business efficiency is vital in an increasingly competitive and complex market. To optimise your operations and systems you need to understand your relative cost position, current platform effectiveness, operating model options, project and run profile and analyse the components of IT and operations that need to scale as the business grows in volume as well as complexity.

The Operating Platform Benchmark provides an objective assessment of a firm’s efficiency, effectiveness and systems capabilities.

Our approach uses a blend of benchmarks, targets and detailed market analysis to help you understand how you compare to your competitors.

  1. We gather a range of data and analyse costs, operational effectiveness, systems and scalability and different components of IT to include: headcount, roles, services, governance
  2. We identify where you should focus your attention to improve your systems and operational efficiency
  3. We work with you to answer questions about the right level of spend and the target operating model needed to power your business today and into the future
  4. We continually refine our models to keep up with developing best and right-sized practice

To complement the benchmark, we analyse the broader picture of the business and IT landscape to help firms build more efficient, effective and informed IT and operational strategies.

Users of the Service benefit from a series of detailed assessments, user-workshops and IT Director briefings to give them the confidence to make challenging and informed decisions. Current research topics include: Digital Strategies for Investment Managers and Cyber Security.

Our Track Record

  • 12 years of analysing the operating platforms of investment management firms has given us the ability to assess your processes against the market, a self-selected peer-group and industry best practice to help you maximise your return on investment, while sharpening your competitive edge.
  • We have helped 79 investment management firms assess the value of their operating platforms.

What Our Clients Say