Global Equity Strategy Review

23 September 2015

Increased competition for assets means that it is essential to differentiate your products from the rest and to create the communication that turns good strategies into profitable products. It is crucial to have a clear position and investment proposition, effective and consistent marketing messages and a better internal understanding of the investment process.

A US-based manager had a research-driven global equity strategy with good five-year performance, but which was not achieving the desired levels of consultant ratings and sales.


Our client wished to:

  • To develop their strategy and to market it effectively to institutional clients
  • Advice on how to position a research-led (i.e. analyst) portfolio for mainstream global equity mandates

Investit Approach & Solution

  1. We worked with the investment team to identify the competitive advantages of their strategy and position it for better consultancy ratings and client understanding.
  2. We interviewed a number of institutional investment consultants to get their views on research-led portfolios. In light of this, we reviewed the team’s marketing materials, research outputs and portfolios, and interviewed all of the senior team members and attended team investment meetings.
  3. We then held an interactive workshop with the team to highlight areas of strength and for development. Enhancements to the portfolio construction process were agreed and key aspects of the investment process clarified and simplified.
  4. We worked with the investment and business development teams to develop a revised set of marketing messages for the strategy, which were regarded as clearer and more straightforward.

Resulting Benefits

  • The project helped the analysts and portfolio constructors to see what parts of the investment process to strengthen.
  • Having a clearer investment process made for simpler messages and better consultant meetings and ratings.