Investment Strategy Review

23 December 2015
Our client once had a market leading Emerging Markets equity franchise. However, the team had a few years of poor performance and high team turnover. Under the new team the three year performance numbers were now good and the firm felt it could rebuild that great reputation.


Investit was asked to:

  • Examine the investment approach
  • Make that process more robust
  • Help the team present the new approach

Investit Approach & Solution

  1. We worked with senior members of the team, their researchers and product specialist. The team’s investment goal and philosophy was clarified.
  2. Once we knew what the team believed we helped them align their screening and research so the portfolio more accurately reflected their philosophy and their stock by stock views.
  3. Gradually the whole team bought into the new approach. We made the presentation much clearer.

Resulting Benefits

  • As soon as the work was complete the US sales team took to selling the product again. Three months later a major US based consultancy met and tested the team with great rigour. The team was passed through to the Due Diligence stage of the selection process.
  • The lead manager told his team that the best thing they did in 2015 was the Investit Investment Strategy Review. We look forward to further success for the team.