COO Front Office

The COO Front Office forum is open to all our research members. The aim of the forum is to help firms achieve better front office productivity.

We use Investit’s Investment Platform Effectiveness benchmarking and quick polls of members to bring real evidence to the meetings so attendees can act on what they learn.

We bring together investment firms and their TPAs who are providing middle office support services.

Recent topics:

  • Unrewarded business complexity
  • Metrics for identify priorities for fund manager support
  • Delivering technology with agility to support investment strategies
  • Exploring the operational and business impact of new regulation
  • Collateral management
  • System effectiveness heatmaps

Community Benefits

  • Set the front office agenda
  • Hear Investit analysis of front office issues
  • Learn how your peers are addressing your problems
  • Build your industry network


Next event: 1 November 2017

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