Industry intelligence

Investit works with an industry-leading member-community of firms that collaborate to fund business, operations and technology research.

Members select topics for research papers and forums. Research is available to members through two conferences each year, research papers, forums and a dedicated web area.

There are special interest member forums for Chief Financial Officers, Heads of Front Office Operations, Heads of Change and Heads of IT. Other member forums address the topics selected for research. Investit manages the research to inform discussion at these forums

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          Multi-asset investing

          2022: A disruptive vision of investment management

          Digital innovation in portfolio management  

          Market data benchmarking

Members can commission Quick Poll micro-research projects that give results in a few days drawing on the experience of the membership.


  • Research topics are selected by members to inform business decisions
  • Membership brings an industry network of 850+ senior practitioners
  • Forums and conferences allow you to discuss your issues with researchers and peers
  • Quick Polls enable members to tap into the network

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