Dealing Review

Dealing teams are expensive and the economics of improving outcomes for end clients is unattractive. The challenge is to spend the right amount on effective dealing while achieving best execution.
A dealing review aims to improve execution outcomes for end clients while improving efficiency in the dealing function. Our approach to a dealing review:

  1. Improves workflows so time from investment decision to implementation is as short as possible. We often find that it is possible to bring forward decisions and release times.
  2. Defines what success is. With clearer goals dealing desks can show how they have made a positive contribution.
  3. Develops thinking about implicit and explicit costs to clients and the firm. We set out team productivity in ways that make it easier to consider the scale and capability of the team in relation to the needs of the firm.
  4. Helps firms think about any aspects of the dealing function that could be outsourced to custodians or other specialists.

We work with you to improve the value for money you get from what you spend on your dealing function. We have worked with teams at various stages in their development from pre-FIX to multi-location electronic.

Our Track Record

  • We work with you to assess the dealing from Portfolio Managers’ decision to dealt portfolio looking for efficiencies throughout the process
  • We have worked with both in-house teams and out-sourced providers to clarify what dealers offer and how they could be more successful
  • Our report shows how dealing can be made more efficient in-house and where outsourcing can help

What Our Clients Say