CFO Forum

TBC June 2017

We are currently rescheduling our next CFO Forum for either 11th or 12th July from 3-5pm at our offices at Octagon Point.

This is the beginning of the 2018 planning season so a good time to consider what sort of firm CFO participants are trying to build.

The budget for transformation Many people believe the industry is in huge technical debt and also believe that with new technology there are great opportunities to create better firms. The industry has 35% margins. How should firms think about planning and financing those better firms?

Front office productivity The cost of external research has been brought to light by MiFID ll. Maybe this is what has caused firms to think harder about front office costs and productivity. Investit will present some benchmarking evidence and suggest opportunities to investigate.

Your hot topic here If there is a topic that you would like to suggest please give Richard a call 020 7933 9912