IT Directors’ Forum, London

20 June 2017

The IT Directors’ community have asked to focus their next Forum session on cybersecurity.  There is a view that asset managers have tended in the past to adopt the “armadillo” approach to security – a heavy-duty perimeter but a very soft and vulnerable interior.


The agenda for this session is:

  • Lessons learned on types of cyberthreat and on how to manage them effectively within the firm.
  • How to get the board properly engaged and how to budget for cybersecurity.
  • Experiences with particularly good (or not so good) cybersecurity advisors.
  • A comparison of how different corporate models approach cybersecurity – for example if a firm is bank or insurer owned do they have different standards to privately-owned or listed firms – and any implications.
  • Opportunities for transparency and collaboration between asset managers within the industry, with government bodies, and other third parties to counter the cyber threat.


This session will provide IT Directors/CTOs and Heads of Cybersecurity with an opportunity to exchange experiences and views under strict Chatham House rules.