Intelligence Membership

Continually shifting market and business conditions within investment management impact your operations, business and IT decisions: it is crucial you stay ahead and change with it.

The Investit Intelligence programme is an industry-leading community of firms who collectively sponsor practical operations and technology research. It will give you confidence in your decisions as you drive change in your firm.

  1. We only work in the investment management industry and understand how your business, operations, technology, and processes fit combine to work effectively and efficiently.
  2. We examine operations and IT in relation to business strategies and objectives; we work with firms to embrace change as an opportunity to be more successful and provide practical advice on how to drive that change efficiently.
  3. Participating in the Investit Intelligence membership provides your firm the opportunity to engage with a community of your peers. This will inform and guide your decisions for building successful organisations and developing more effective processing platforms.


Benefits of membership

  • Access to a private member community with monthly forums, workshops and networking opportunities
  • 6 in-depth studies and 2 conferences per year
  • Access to a library of 70+ industry topics including full access to online research
  • Member research topic voting


Current Research Topics

Supporting multi-asset investing
2022: A disruptive vision of investment managementDigital innovation in portfolio managementMarket data benchmarking

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